Terms of sale

Terms of sale

General provisions
Deliveries within the Nordic countries take place in accordance with the general regulations of the Technology Companies NL17
and Swedish Ventilation's supplement VU20.

See document here:
NL17 »

Prices/Terms of Payment
Our prices include packaging, excluding VAT. Cost for pallet and shipping is added.
We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice. Stated prices in quotations/orders apply subject to price changes and for any material shortages at the supplier level that occur after the quotation/order printing date and up to the delivery date. Terms of payment: 30 days net. After the due date, late payment interest of 15% is charged.

Reservation of ownership
The product remains property of the seller until it has been fully paid.

Delivery conditions
If no delivery clause has been specifically agreed, delivery takes place in accordance with the FCA. Shipping is charged at actual cost.

Goods that doesn´t belong to ABC's stock range are only credited if the seller accepts the return. In the event of a return of goods, a return deduction of 25% of the invoiced price is made, unless otherwise agreed.

The buyer must report the fault in writing to the seller as soon as the fault becomes apparent and at the latest before the warranty period has expired.
The seller decides how the complaint should be dealt with. The buyer is not entitled to compensation if measures have been taken without
approval from the seller.
Reimbursements in the event of complaints take place in accordance with the general regulations of the technical companies NL17 and Swedish Ventilation supplement VU20.
If the buyer complains and it turns out to be no fault for which the seller is responsible, he has right to compensation for the work and the costs that the complaint caused him. Claimed goods may not be returned to ABC without his consent.

Buyer's receipt check
The buyer's receipt inspection must include reconciliation of the received goods against the delivery note and inspection of visible damage.
Any deviations in quantity and damage must be reported to the carrier when the goods are acknowledged. Any remarks shall
be made within 7 days of receipt of the goods.

Warranty period
ABC Ventilationsprodukter AB's general product warranty applies for 24 months (2 years) from the date of delivery, however at the latest
30 months (2 ½ years) from date of production. The customer is responsible for products manufactured according to the customer's instructions
the product's construction, function and lifespan.

Warranty conditions
If´s is a handling error or wrongly set/wrongly installed or wrongly dimensioned product, the buyer must bear the cost himself.
The product warranty does not apply to errors that occur during or after the product's function and appearance have been changed.

Product documentation are available at www.abcvent.se.