About us

About us


About us

In 1976, JH Ventilation Products was founded and the first roof hoods, grilles, dampers and filter housings began to be delivered to leading companies in the ventilation industry. In 1993, the company changed its name to ABC Ventilation products and today, almost five decades since the start, we are one of Sweden's leading companies in energy-efficient and climate-smart ventilation systems. As of September 1, 2022, we are owned by Swegon.

ABC Vent has a wide range of roof hoods, grilles/wall devices, duct systems, dampers, fire dampers and filter housings. Our head office is in Borås and we also have a sales branch in Stockholm. Welcome to contact us!
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Business idea

We develop, manufacture and sell energy-efficient products
and climate-smart ventilation systems for designers, installers
and wholesalers in the nordic region."


Our vision is to be a technical leader in energy-efficient system solutions for ventilation, fire protection,
industrial ventilation and commercial kitchens. We should also have a climate-neutral production with renewable energy sources in 2025.