Environmental policy

Environmental work is an established part of ABC Vent´s activities both by actively developing our processes and manufacturing products that have advantages in terms of the environment.

Our business is characterized by long-term strategies to minimize the environmental burden both externally and internally within the company in accordance with the standard for ISO 14001 and statutory requirements. No external requirements are placed on the obligation to provide information for environmentally hazardous activities.

Guidelines for ABC Vent's environmental work:

  • In our product development, we strive for solutions that lead to reduced environmental impact.
  • Reduce energy consumption in our manufacturing processes and when heating/cooling our premises.
  • Choose raw materials that are recyclable with the least possible environmental impact.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of internal and external transports.
  • Reduce waste and unnecessary material consumption in manufacturing processes.
  • Connected to FTI AB
  • Sort by source.

Sunda Hus

SundaHus Environmental data offers property owners security by providing easily accessible information about the materials and substances contained in products and their waste management, in order to prevent the spread of substances hazardous to health and the environment in society. A large part of our range is assessed at Sunda Hus and we continuously work on environmental assessment of our products.


Byggvarubedömningen is a standard for environmental assessment of goods with the ambition that tomorrow's properties will be built and managed with only environmentally assessed products.